Before We Arrive

The Story of the Weber Brothers

2016 | Documentary | 60 Minutes

Ryan and Sam Weber are extremely talented, hard-working, storied musicians, who struggle to define success – a confusing and elusive concept for any artist. Their journey to this point has provided them with countless opportunities to learn more about themselves and what really matters in life. Their career has been both rewarding, and punishing. With archival footage dating back to their beginnings, and interviews with the brothers, their band, and a selection of their myriad of musical peers, we see why they remain optimistic. The Weber Brothers don’t get tied up in the tediousness of striving for fame, fortune, or mainstream success. For the Weber Brothers, it is simply about making music.

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About Before We Arrive

Before We Arrive had its world premiere at ReFrame International Film Festival in 2016, and had a theatrical run in film festivals and select theaters across Canada, as well as several US locations.
This is an independent film created only with funding from a small crowd-fund.

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Rob Viscardis Productions
Paradigm Pictures

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